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reactorless CO2

Hi all,
The other day people were discussing simply letting the co2 injected into
an aquarium bubble to the surface instead of trapping it in a

Since CO2 is heavier then air It will stay on the surface of the water in a
closed aquarium. Therefore surface movement (not highly turbulant) is good.

The reason is I haved tried 3 ways all of which I am unhappy with.

1) bubbling co2 into a internal power filter - no good becasue lots of tiny
co2 bubbles were blasted around the tank and they stuck all over
everything, looks bad and may harm leaves.

2) a bell ?? I cut the top of a coke bottle and stuck it under the hood
this kept the co2 in contact with water, works well except if u bubble more
then one per 2 seconds it overflow and the co2 rises to the surface.

3) I bought something called a co2 mixer from a lfs- this has a small
powerhead with prefilter, water is pumped down a 20cm tube when a cyclonic
effect cuases the co2 to mx into the water, this ig good and handles plenty
co2 however it takes up plenty tank space, something that I dont have as it
is fully planted out.

So can I just let co2 bubble to the surface and let it dissolve there?

Also a few of my plants, cabomba and some othe stem plant not sure the name
of have new leaves which are red instead of the original green plant, Is
this good?
the cabomba is growing fast but isnt very dense and the leaves are pinky
instead of the original bright green.
Is this a nutrient defficiency symptom? maybe a sign of co2 deficiency, I
guess it is this as I have only one bubble per 3 seconds in a bright 65
Any ideas please.