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Re:Questions about Penac A

> Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 01:01:33 +0900
> From: "Ryan Stover"
> Subject: Questions about Penac A
>  Has anyone ever used these German products before? I have seen a few
> retailers using these 'sticks' for awhile now. The shop owners told me it
> will increase oxygen in the tank. This is not what I read on their web page
> http://www.penacusa.com/water/penaca.html
>  It does seem like a nifty little product. Just thought I would ask the
> question and peek everyone's interest. And if you do check out the link try
> reading about the Plocher System. This is some deeeeep stuff.
> Here is a quote from that page
>  "As long as the energy of an organism has harmonic vibrations/oscillations,
> it remains healthy."
> Ryan--still oscillating--
I'm not a chemist, I'm an engineer by training, but, the gibberish on
their web page causes me to want to steer well clear of them. From the
rather vague description buried in all the nonsense, it sounds as though
they are selling Bentonite clay. Bentonite is good at clarifying water,
and at adsorbing other molecules. $9 an oz sounds like highway robbery
to me.
Harvey S.