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Re: Questions about Penac A

>Ryan Stover wrote:

> Has anyone ever used these German products before? I have seen a few
>retailers using these 'sticks' for awhile now. The shop owners told me it
>will increase oxygen in the tank. This is not what I read on their web page
> It does seem like a nifty little product. Just thought I would ask the
>question and peek everyone's interest. And if you do check out the link try
>reading about the Plocher System. This is some deeeeep stuff.
>Here is a quote from that page
> "As long as the energy of an organism has harmonic vibrations/oscillations,
>it remains healthy."

Here is another quote from their web page:

        "Using the proprietary Plocher process, a natural, chemically inert
        material such as calcium-magnesium carbonate is encoded with
        energy oscillations, which then act as a catalyst to transmit these
        vibrational oscillation patterns to the water, revitalizing the water
        and stimulating natural self-purification processes to maintain the
        optimum aquatic environment."

We have had mystic vibrations selling peace of mind and cures for anything
for the last 150 years.  The language hasn't changed much, either, I see.

If you still have any inclination to believe any of the above quote, look
up what a catalyst does.

Paul Krombholz, in central Mississippi, vibrating in harmony with the Great