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RE: Penac A

Ryan Stover was asking about Penac A. I've never seen the product, never
heard of the company, but I did follow the link to their web page. The only
thing missing was a "New Age" sound track.

Harmonic energy? Oscillations? Give me a break!

Nothing against you Mr. Stover, 'cause this is not a flame, but are you sure
this guy's name is Plocher, and not Plonker?

Every once in a while, someone, somewhere, decides that the world's
aquarists have too much money and too little intelligence so they introduce
some "magic elixir", surround it with quasi-scientific gobble-de-gook, and
sit back waiting to rake in their millions. I'm afraid that Mr. Plocher had
better not quit his day job.

As an alternative, just in case anyone has a bad case of green water that
they want to cure and some money burning a hole in their pocket, here is my
suggestion. Send the money to me (Cashier's check in Canadian Funds
preferred!), huddle over your tank, and recite the following:

You put your right hand in
You put your right hand out
You put your right hand in

And you shake it all about
You do the hokey pokey
And you turn yourself around,

and that's what it's all about

Now, I GUARANTEE you, I'm 1000% certain, that MY METHOD (patent pending,
naturally) will get your "vibrational energy" level up and set your feet to
tapping. If continued long enough, it will also bring smiles to the faces of
all your family members (AND cause the family dog to commence howling).

Ryan, thanks very much for the laugh.

James Purchase
Toronto, Ontario
jpurch at interlog_com