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HOT Magnums

Well I seem to be in the minority here but I love my HOT
Magnum. I use it just to polish water and nothing else. I
have used it to clean suspended clay and green water with
excellent results. It is one item I will never be with out.

I use mainly on a 65 Gallon and yes it can churn up the
water. What I did was to take the little double elbow
outlet. I cut a short length of tubing off my Python. Then
tapered the end of the tubing with a knife the best I could.
Then shove the tubing in the outlet. This will keep the
water output below the surface and you can aim it as you
like. It will blow holes in the substrate and make a mess so
you have to be careful where you aim it. I put mine on one
corner of the tank and aim it at the far end. I generally
run it for about 12 hours (over night) and the water will be
amazingly clear.

The instructions tell you that the longer it runs and more
the filter becomes clogged the more it will remove. I do
seem to get a cleaner tank when I have some stirred up clay.
I assume that stops up the filter more.

As for bubbles it seems to help with mine if you fill it as
full of water as you can before you put on the tank. After a
few minutes my bubbles are very few and small.

BTW WalMart sell these under their store brand. So  you can
get new cartridges there if you need. Filter might be
cheaper there too.

Jeff <*\\><
Old Bedouin saying: "Trust God, but tie up your camel, lest
you lose it."