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Re: Oto cats

Gerry Skau pondered the varying survival of Oto cats. . .

Tank survival at home depends on the condition of the fish at your LFS. 
Often these fish come in in more severe malnutrition than the large
plecos.  They seem also to not be the hardiest beasts in response to
sudden changes in water conditions.  Not sensitive the water changes
once aclimated at home, just "knocked down" by the shipment process.  If
you know and trust your LFS staff, find out how long they've been
there.  If they are new, let them stay.  If the stock is a week or more
old and you select fish whose non-hollow bellies you can see, you stand
a good chance of keeping them a while.  I would also urge an extended R
& R period in isolation to be sure they're fat and happy before
transfering into a display tank.