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co2 system? bristle nose catfish?

Hi all,
Thanks for the answers to my previous posts all.
I am still planning collecting etc, things for my planted tank, soon to be

I have built a yeast reactor, tank is 65 gallons 48x18x18 inches, I am
scared to bubble the co2 into the intake o my (peice of sh***) canister
filter (its called a project 1000, ever heard of it) sorry to be rude but i
hate this thinG!!!! it will probably explode if i send gas into it,
Howvever maybe it is safe becasue the co2 rapidly dissolves into the water?
Anyway i just dont want it to break and siphon my tank onto the floor?  Is
1, 2l reactor sufficient for a tank this size, if so i am still unsure of
the mix, 2 cup sugar 1 teaspoon yeat correct, What if i put more yeast it
goes quicker and more sugar it lasts longer? what about 4 cups sugarand 2
tsp yeast? same time double the gas? at present it gives me 1 bubble every
2 seconds (out of an airline)its been running for 2 days

Also i am terrified of algae problems, If i plant heavily they shouldn't
appear (very light fish load)  I bought nature aquarium world one then 2
and three (best books ever)

I want to include an array of algae eaters incase,
What about 4 bristle nose catfish
3 golden alage eaters 
2 siamese flying foxes
3 platies? dont ,mollies eat plants.
Eventually i will add some little tetras and the alike maybe couple of
small angels.

Finaly what about light, I can buy phillips aquarelles 6500 kfor 12 dollars
and tritons for 65 - there is no way im gonna buy tritons! sylvania gro
luxes are cheap, what about 2 grow luxes and 2 aquarelles what about
aquastars for the front of tank theyre 10000k blu light isnt that good for
dense short growth ideal for plan of tank and highlighting fish colours? I
can mail order various iother bulbs for around 35-30 each they seem steep
when i can get growluxes and aquarelles for 12

Any help much appreciated.

Daniel Green
bevgreen at cygnus_uwa.net.au