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Oto cats

I recently purchased two Otos for my twenty gallon tank.  In it I have three
apistos, three blue Keri emperor tetras, two bronze corys, and one clown
pleco, which does nothing to algae.

My problem is that after about five days, one Oto dissapeared and the other
just dropped dead.  It was swimming normally eating the algea of the side of
the tank when he just sank to the bottom of the tank upsidedown and stopped

This is the first time I've actually kept Otos, but I sure that this is not
regular behavior.

Any ideas as to why they deid?  All of the other fish are fine and I never
noticed any agression toward the Otos.  THey were purchased at an LFS with
the same water as I use, so I don't think they were stressed by different
water quality.

   JJ  JJ