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killing fish - was dying fish

Darren wrote:

 >I suspect the
>life functions of the fish would gradually slow as the temperature drops,
>until the fish dies.

I have to add my experience here. I used to think dropping very sick fish
in very hot water was the way to go. However I noticed that the poor things
thrashed horribly for a second or too...very unpleasant. Decapitating was
horrible too because the fish has to be taken out of water and put on a
board...it's not that fast...I tried *that* too....yetch!

A fish vet (yes there are some) that I met told me that the freezer method
was definately humane and that what Darren describes above is exactly what
happens. And BTW, I have heard it reported (by those who have almost
experienced it) that cold water death for a human is quite peaceful. It's
mainly scarey because we are *aware* that we will die. It's really not the
worst way to go otherwise. Not that I want to experience it!

in Vancouver