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Re: propogation trays and lillaeopsis

On Thu, 5 Nov 1998, Karen Randall wrote:

> ..but I still have it in a propagation tray on a windowsill, so I
> can't say much about it under tank conditions.

Karen, could you describe how you set up your propogation trays, when
you use them, what you use them for and so on?


then, Steve Dixon wrote:

> In soft water, I have tried unsuccessfully for years under all
> sorts of conditions to grow a Lilliaeopsis lawn.  Even the mighty "muddy
> water" veteran, George Booth, once told he couldn't grow a Lilliaeopsis
> lawn in his soft Rocky Mountain runoff water!
> So I would like to ask the group, have any of you grown a Lilliaeopsis
> lawn in really soft water?  If yes, I would love to hear any details you
> might have.

It's not quite up to "lawn" proportions yet, but I have lillaeopsis
growing quickly in soft water with some CO2 addition, under moderate light
in an inorganic substrate.  Marsilea is growing well at the other end of
the same tank.  The marsilea tolerates shaded areas much better than the
lillaeopsis does, and the spreading marsilea leaves do a better job of
covering space than do the little upright blades of lillaeopsis.

The water, while quite soft is well buffered and carries quite a bit of
sodium and sulfate.  It contains very little calcium and magnesium so it's
soft water.

Roger Miller