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propogation trays and lillaeopsis

Roger wrote:

>Karen, could you describe how you set up your propogation trays, when
>you use them, what you use them for and so on?

Mostly deli dishes, with some gallon pickle jars thrown in for good

I usually set them up with soil in the bottom, a tablespoon is plenty, and
a layer of fine gravel.  Sometimes. if it's floaters I'm propagating, I
just use aquarium water and no soil.  With access ot atmospheric CO2 and
plenty of sun light, most little plants take off quickly, and you can get
them going from even tiny bits.  Most of these plants put on their
strongest growth in nature during their emersed period, so it makes sense
to capitalize on that when you want to grow more quickly.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association