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tank startup, SAE and farowellas

 Morten Karlsen wrote:
>Subject: Planted tank startup assurance
>Greetings from Norway, IT'S SNOWING TODAY!

Greetings from Vancouver, Canada. It's *not* snowing here yet.

>106 W fluorescent light, Sylvana Grolux + some warm white. Tank size is
>110 gallons.

Your lighting sounds too low. It should be about 220 watts.

>My Bacopas showed reddish leaves, thats when I started with PMDD - maybe
>it's missing something?

Bacopa has reddish leaves when it is happy ...so that's okay.

>Am I doing this fairly right? Tips will be appreciated :)

Sounds pretty good to me...except for the light. You may have to work on
balancing the fertilizer with that mix...but hey, we all do. And some test
kits will come in handy as soon as you can afford them.

in Vancouver

John van Rompu wrote:
>Subject: Re: SAE's

>Forgive my ignorance on buzz words, but what is an SAE ? Siamese algae eater?

 Yes. A Siamese Algae Eater. Nice fish!

in Vancouver

Stephen Boulet wrote:
>Subject: Re: Algae eating fish

>Any comments on the suitability for bristlenose plecos/farrowellas for a
>planted tank?

I have a bristle nose and 2 farleys in my 48 gallon tank. I love the
Farleys and they clean the plants very delicately and well...also eat algae
on the glass. They eat micro algae. I presume that this means they get it
when very young and so prevent it from growing. Mine do an excellent job
and they are neat looking fish.

I suspect that the bristle nose rasps my sword plant leaves and giant hygro
leaves as there isn't a lot of algae in my tank for him. He cleans the
glass at night and mainly rasps a piece of wood. I do put zuccini and
cucumber in for him but I'd have to put so much in to keep him from rasping
on the plants that it just isn't practical. If I put two long-ways slices
of zuccini, say about 5.5" (14 cm) x 1.5" (4 cm) and about 1/8" thick, into
the tank about 9pm  by the morning I have 2 rinds left! Trouble is the 2
Clown loaches and 4 SAEs and the Bala Shark all like the veggies too. I
will have to test the plecos plant damage by moving him to another tank

in Vancouver