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Re: Killing Fish

Olga wrote:
>>dropping very sick fishin very hot water <<

Oh Olga, please tell me you didn't season them too :-).  Actually, after I'm
done spending all my money on my 137 gallon plant tank, and if those guppies
in the little tank in the kitchen keep reproducing like, well, guppies, I
may have to resort to that for a cheap protein source :-).

I use the freezing method myself, being that I've seen my share of
disembodied but gasping fish heads in my fishing days.  Another method which
"seemed" to work well was to put the fish in a glass of water and drop in an
Alka-Seltzer tab.  I never had a fish give more than a flick of a tail fin
before dying using this method.  And you can always drink the Alka-Seltzer
afterward to calm the heartburn from that fish stew of yours ;-)