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Re: Chlorine

Cliff writes:

> Does chlorine only dissipate though evaporation? I always
>  presumed a lot of it combines with stuff in the tank water.

I'm not a chemist, but it is my understanding that it forms Cl2 and
evaporates.  I only know for sure that it goes away by itself.  I keep a
bottle of StartRight on hand in case I have to get a tank going in a hurry,
but I haven't used it in over two years.    I can get enough water from
running tanks to cover 80% of a 20 gallon tank, top it off from the tap, and
then top off the other tanks to achieve both a partial water change and a new
setup.  This approach also reduces the addition of extra chemicals.  If you're
using a DI or RO unit, the chlorine comes out in processing, and you also tend
to store the water from the treatment at least overnight.

I keep hearing about chloramine, how dangerous it is, and how hard it is to
eliminate, but I suspect that it establishes an equilibrium with free ammonia
and free chlorine.  As the free chlorine evaporates, the chloramine would them
break down to return to the equilibrium, and the total choramine would then be
eliminated in not much more time than straight chlorine would.

Bob Dixon