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> From: Carlos Munoz <cmunoz at crystal_cirrus.com>

> I've learned the hard way not to trust my tapwater too much and 
> unless the change is really small, I always use a dechlorinator.
> In my case, it's the chloramine that's more important, and that 
> doesn't evaporate very easily.

Are the products of dechlorinators totally benign?

I used to see devices you'd attach to a garden hose between the
nozzle and the hose, that you'd screw a jar into, and you'd put
liquid fertilizer in the jar, and it would get mixed into the
water a little at a time. Could this work with a dechlorinating
solution to any advantage? Is it necessary to dechlorinate 
before adding the water or can it be done in the tank when 
changing water? Obviously I'm interested in avoiding the labor
of dealing with buckets.

Cliff Lundberg ~ San Francisco ~ cliff at noevalley_com