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Re:75 gal and water changes

Gareth writes:

> What about tap water that contains Chloramines ?? My local water co.
>  started using these a few months back and they don't disapate like
>  chlorine does, do they ??

Over time the chloramine breaks down to free ammonia and free chlorine. This
seems from my experience to be fairly quick.  IMHO, those with commercial
interests in overcharging for photographer's "hypo" solution continue a
campaign of disinformation to convince newbies that they have to cough up
three bucks a bottle to protect their fish from a painful death, when in
reality, a couple of buckets, or better yet a barrel, left full of water for a
couple days will more than suffice.  And once the tank is running, 10% changes
every week or even 20% every 2 weeks will be more likely to stress fish if the
temperature or other parameters is too far out than chlorine or even
chloramine will.

Bob Dixon