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Re: Chlorine

Carlos writes:

<snip>>  You should take Bob's 25% number with a grain of salt.  It might work
>  his tank(s), but it may not work in yours. It certainly doesn't in mine.  
>  I can only get away with 15-20% straight-tapwater change before I start 
>  losing cardinal tetras. 

Fair enough.  When I lived in Western NY, I could smell the chlorine in the
water, and Brine shrimp eggs would partially decapsulate overnight while
hatching in a fresh setup.  I could do 15% changes and never tried to do more
with water that hadn't aged.  Here in Idaho, the chlorine doses are much
lower, and I still tend to do my water changes weekly, in my primarily fish
tanks so I can keep it at 10%, unless I use aged water for part of the change.
Planted tanks don't get changes as often or as large for reasons most of us
here understand.  But it still remains true that the need for dechlorinator is
overstated by those with an interest in keeping its use common.  My approach
is for a minimum of chemicals in the tank, which along the way saves a buck or
two.  YMMV

Bob Dixon