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Re: Black Brush Algae

>>You will have a hard time convincing me that balanced conditions exist in
>>one side of my tank and not in the  other; (the uncovered rocks ar near to
>>the covered side). I've got the tank for about 2 years now, and have tried
>>with and without CO2, frequent water changes/less frequent, fertiizing
>>heavily/not at all. All this leaves the BBA unimpressed.My platys tug at
>>stuff all the time, but this does not help either.
>The only thing that comes to mind is a difference in lighting on one side,
>say caused by window light... or a local allelopathic effect of plants on
>the side without algae.

Makes sense, the side that faces away from the window is algae free. The
algae-free rocks on the other side are shaded from the window and the fluo
(Tritons, 2*18W) by the Echinodorus.So can I kill it by leaving the lights

>>I have yet to see a
>>reproducable method to get rid of BBA.
>See the KRIB. There are several articles on controlling it and making it
>visually disappear to the naked eye. I can make it go away. However, it may
>never be completely gone. When water conditions and nutrient balance
>change, it may come back.

I've seen all those articles and the ones that appeared in several
magazines, I think I know them by heart now. The only practical method seems
to be to use copper, and this will kill my platies and probably my plants.
Still, one day I might scoop out some platies and my false SAE and put a
couple real ones (if I can get any) in there.

>I forgot to mentio water movement. As Olga and Carlos indicate, water
>current is likely to be another important variant...
>Neil Frank

According to the Germans water movement is the big culprit. I have almost
none now, does not make any difference.Bt the "algae" covered side in on the
side of the filter outlet, then again, so are the uncovered rocks. By the
way, the 2 sides are the same material ("Juwel" ruckwand).