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Pruning, snips snails puppydog tails, and a new plant.

Hi all
	First off I would like to thank everybody for all the good advice
posted to the list.  My plants are starting to do great.  I think it was
a matter of CO2, and finding the right plants. 
	First question is about the new plant I bought.  It is called a leopard
sword.  It's leaves are shaped like E. macrophylus, but it has bright
red freckels on the new leaves that fade as the leaf grows.  Does anyone
have experience with this plant.   
	Pruning.  The sword had some leave damaged during transport.  The LFS
packed it with the leave exposed and I had some wilting.  Most of the
leaves sprang right back.  A few are now yellow or brown on the edges
and starting to decay.  Should these leaves be sniped off and how?
	Now for the stupid question.  My new sword got some circular holes cut
in it the first night.  I picked of the pond snails.  There where only a
few and they where very young.  I do have mystery snails(3) but the are
happy to munch on algea and the pellets I put in at night for the
corys.  I turned the aquariun on in the middle of the night and found
one lone ramshorn snail which I imediatly removed.  I have had pond
snails before only a few but they never live long and die out.  Could it
have been one of the snails?  Now for the stupid part.  My small mystery
snail was on my large one and had its head inside the other's shell. 
The big one was trying to retract and was trying to nock off the
attacker.  I have seen this acouple of times.  Always the smaller snail
on one of the larger ones.  Are they mating or was this a real fight?
Thanks in advance for the advice. 			
Aint nature grand