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Substrate Gold

Karl wrote:

>Pat, perhaps we could continue this off-list as there may be some who would
>regard my presence as advertising.

I for one would like to see Karl respond on list.  I think this is a
management issue in laterite tanks, whether it is Dupla laterite, Substrate
Gold or other laterite products.  The same properties that make laterite a
very good choice for a planted tank substrate, also mean that substrate
nutrients _will_ become exhausted if not replenished.  There are a number
of approaches to replenishing and rejuvenating substrates, and I think it's
a subject worthy of discussion on this list. 

To those who might take umbrage with Karl posting on this subject, I'd like
to say a word or two.  There are several _very_ experienced aquatic
gardeners on this list that I think do not participate in conversations as
much as they might because they are afraid that their connection with a
commercial aquarium enterprise will bring negative comment.  While I don't
want blatant advertising on the the list any more than anyone else, I think
it would be a shame if very experienced aquarists don't feel that they can
speak freely on this list, particularly in response to a direct query.  I
want the opportunity to learn from every single person who feels they have
something to contribute to this list.  I also trust our faithful ListMom to
put anyone who oversteps the bounds of good taste in their place!<g>

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association