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Re: Substrate Gold

> Hello to the Subscribers of the Aquatic Plants Digest

> I am replying to a very legitimate question from Pat Bowerman.
> Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 17:10:32 -0700
> From: Pat Bowerman <bowerman at specent_com>
> Subject: Substrate Gold- an answer and more questions
> I've used Substrate Gold for about 2 years now. I had explosive growth
> for about the first year. The swords were growing out of the tank, and
> E. tenellus was threatening to carpet the entire tank. Lately, the tank
> has appeared to "hit the wall". The swords have really slowed growing,
> and E. Tenellus is barely hanging on. The addition of Jobes fern sticks
> resulted in a nice green water outbreak that is now gone. Crypts and
> stem plants continue to do well, and seem to be gradually taking over.

Hello Pat,I'd like to help you with what you descibe as a major slow-down in your
plant growth. I need more information. First, please describe your
substrate preparation and maintenance you have performed on it.
Second, I need to know your water parameters and the frequency of
water changes.  Third, I need to know what type of water column
fertilizer is being used(the general nutrient types).
(large snip)

> Has anyone else experienced their non-heating cable tanks, "crapping
> out" or "hitting the wall"? Is there a remedy? Is this a Substrate Gold
> problem, or is there some other factor that is perhaps unique to my
> setup?

Currently I have three 75gal aquariums on a central system which havebeen in use
continuously for the last seven years with no major teardown
or any major addition of Substrate Gold to the substrate.  My conditions
are perhaps similar to yours with the exception of the questions I asked
and that I use Natural Gold liquid fertilizer which is designed to be used
with Substrate Gold.  However, depending upon several factors, the
Substrate Gold may be depleted in your situation.  Although the substrate
is heated in these three tanks, it may not be a factor in your case unless
your room temperature is relatively cool.

I have experienced slowdown in growth from time to time.  I usually am
able to narrow the problem down to some negligence on my part.  Sorry
to say, but sometimes I just don't get the water changes done or the tubes
replaced or the water testing done on time.  Once I get back on track,
the plants always respond in direct proportion to the time I take to care for

Pat, perhaps we could continue this off-list as there may be some who would
regard my presence as advertising.

Karl R. Schoeler