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Re: 36" flourescent lighting fixture?

> Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 19:22:31 EDT
> From: MMacG1167 <MMacG1167 at aol_com>
> Does anyone know of a cheap flourescent lighting fixture along the lines of a
> shoplight or striplight that comes in comes in a 3 ft length (and uses 36"
> T-12 or T-8 bulbs)? Do they even make shoplights in any size other than 4 ft?
> I have a 38 gallon tank sitting unused in the basement. Its' dimensions are
> the same as a 55 gallon tank except it's 3 ft long instead of 4 ft. I'm
> thinking of putting it to use to grow extra plants (it wouldn't be for display
> purposes), but I don't want to go to a lot of effort over it or spend much
> money,  and that would include building a lighting system from scratch or
> cobbling one together from several different sources. I looked at Home Depot
> and didn't see anything. Anybody know of anything?

If you read the sticker on the ballast (not so easy to do in a pre-assembled
shoplight!) you may find that it is rated for both 2 48" or 2 36" tubes.  So
you could disassemble it and/or cut it down.

For entirely cheap and fast, just get a 48" shoplight and let it hang over
on one or both sides.  Put some houseplants under the extra part, or grow
pothos or other suitable plant with roots in the tank and top trailing over
under the light.