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Water Chemistry -- Remedial Help

Ok, so I was a Political Science major.  In fact, I never even had to take
"Chemistry for Non-Science Majors".

However, now that I have gotten involved with my fish and plants hobby more
seriously, I need some remedial help.  I really do WANT to understand some
of these discussions...

Serious hobbyist books aren't available at my LFS (I guess they don't sell),
and the best I've been able to find are the cheap books from Tetra and
Barron's.  And since I can't peruse the various books available online, I'll
have to go on the basis of a recommendation.

Can anyone recommend a comprehensive, detailed book or set of books?

If anyone wants to refer me to a non-hobbyist book with remedial information
about basic chemistry or biology as applicable to the aquarium hobby, that
would be useful, too.