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36" flourescent lighting fixture?

Does anyone know of a cheap flourescent lighting fixture along the lines of a
shoplight or striplight that comes in comes in a 3 ft length (and uses 36"
T-12 or T-8 bulbs)? Do they even make shoplights in any size other than 4 ft?
I have a 38 gallon tank sitting unused in the basement. Its' dimensions are
the same as a 55 gallon tank except it's 3 ft long instead of 4 ft. I'm
thinking of putting it to use to grow extra plants (it wouldn't be for display
purposes), but I don't want to go to a lot of effort over it or spend much
money,  and that would include building a lighting system from scratch or
cobbling one together from several different sources. I looked at Home Depot
and didn't see anything. Anybody know of anything?

Thanks for any help,