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Re: Cynobacteria

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| Does anyone have a good way to get rid of cynobacteria. I've battle this
| from time to time and after frustration I resorted to antibiotics. These
| really knocked it back but recurred over time.
| I now have a fully planted tank and the cyno is creeping back in.
| Any suggestions?
| Bill
	I had the same problem in a tank and ended up treating it with 
kanamycin. I didn't use enough and it came back and this time was immune 
to further doses. I used (and excuse the spelling) erythromycin and again 
it died back but I didn't use enough and it reoccurred, again immune.
Finally I dose the tank with double the recomended dosage of tetramycin. 
(The water looked terrible, I lost all my plants). That seemed to do the 
trick and I've replanted with an Amazon sword, corkscrew an crystal val 
and the tank looks a lot better with no reocurrance. I think this comes 
under the heading destroying the village in order to save it.