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Re: Angel-eating SAEs

> From: icom at cybl_com
> Subject: SAE & Rhizomes

> I got my first SAE in my 30 liters tank (with algae). WOW!!! :() This
> fish cleaned it in just two days!! Completely!! Why people have problems
> with algae if this fish exist! The problem is, I think that my angelfish
> are not very well with this SAE in the tank. It runs after the Scalare
> as if they were algae covered! Today, I found some little injuries on
> the Angel's skin.. probably done by the SAE. Is it possible? any
> comments out there?
> Jerome, from Buenos Aires, the Tango City!

it is possible.  SAEs are not normally interested to attack other
fishes, but they can sometimes do it.  Some of my SAEs used to "taste"
all new fish I added to their tank when they were young, but they
never harmed them and stopped that behaviour when they got older.

Remember that SAEs are schooling, and like all other barb species
(yes!  SAEs are more or less barbs!), they like to interact and
fight with their friends.  A lone SAE can't do that, and sometimes
starts to harass other fishes.  Get at least two more, and please
keep them in a bigger tank than just a 30 liters.  Young SAEs can
"visit" such a small tank to clean it, but they would like to have
much bigger tank for their permanent home.

Liisa from Finland, which is also a county of Tango lovers.
(it is soon the best time to catch mosquito larvae for fish here!)