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Re: [APD] Help me prevent a fatal accident or injury

Gordon McLellan wrote:
> I believe the 300V rating is the 'breakdown voltage' of the
> insulations dielectric properties - by exceeding this voltage the
> insulator becomes a conductor.  The amount or thickness of the
> insulation probably has some bearing on this, but I don't think it
> matters very much, as
> I have a set of volt meter probes with 1000V insulation on them, and
> the insulation itself is not very thick.

Hmm. Well, I can't find anything rated for that high of a voltage. I did 
find something on the ballast that suggests using 1.2kV rated wire, but 
there must be some specific way to denote that in the industry that 
isn't called "rating" because when I look that up I find nothing.

Jerry Baker
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