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Re: [APD] Help me prevent a fatal accident or injury

Gordon McLellan wrote:
> All dielectric (insulators) have a breakdown period measured in volts
> over time (as I recall), so the high voltage used by the ballast may
> be brief to the point where the voltage is unable to breach the
> insulation given the short length of the pulse.

When an insulation is given a rating of 300V for instance, does that 
refer to single layer, or to two layers side by side? I ask because the 
wires in question are encased in a round cord that appears to have been 
cast around the three wires. That means there is the insulation of the 
cord as well as the wire between the outside world. Between any two 
wires are their respective insulation. That means that a voltage is 
going to have to penetrate through two layers of insulation rather than 
just one as might be the case if the bare wire was just exposed to some 
outside condition where it could penetrate one layer and find a ground. 
I don't know how those ratings work though.

Does being encased in a second layer of insulation change things?

Jerry Baker
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