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[APD] Fw: SOS!! Blown ballast..........


I recently blew a ballast on an older Custom Sea Life 96 watt ballast 
assembly (it was driving 2 96 watt lamps.)  The ballast is rated at 1.45 
amps/174 watts/120 Volts.  I'd love to find a replacement with an on/off 
switch and with CS Life out of business a web search proved to be quite a 
nightmare!  I'm not real technically inclined and could really use some 
help.  I'd like to find something that I could simply plug the two wires 
from the endcaps into to make replacement as simple as possible.  The plugs 
on the wires have a rather odd configuration with 3 pins in diagonal and one 
rectangular pin.  The bulbs on the fixtures are 4 pins in a square.  Hope 
this is enough information and if anyone could provide some leads or has 
ever replaced a ballast on a CS Life fixture I'd really appreciate any 
assistance you might be able to provide........thanks and kindest 


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