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Re: [APD] Fw: SOS!! Blown ballast..........

If you have twin-tube type PC bulbs with 4 pins on square and rated for 96 watts, you have the basic Panasonic design for that size bulb.
A good bet is the Fulham Workhorse 7 for two 96w bulbs or a pair of Workhorse 5s, one for each bulb. 
You can find these at good prices on Ebay from time to time and at various aquatic lighting outlets and electrical supply houses.
Also, you can get a decent ballast for a good price to fit your needs from Hello Lights:
With any of these ballasts, you can put an on/off switch on the hot wire going from the wall socket plug to the ballast (there should be three wires, white black and green -- black is the hot wire). If your light fixture doesn't have a switch, you can get one at radio shack, just look for a panel-mount toggle switch rated for 120VAC and at least 3 amp. Be sure to cover the switch contacts with an insulating materially after you make your connection.
Have plants, have fun,
Scott H.
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I recently blew a ballast on an older Custom Sea Life 96 watt ballast 
assembly (it was driving 2 96 watt lamps.)  The ballast is rated at 1.45 
amps/174 watts/120 Volts.  I'd love to find a replacement with an on/off 
switch and with CS Life out of business a web search proved to be quite a 
nightmare!  I'm not real technically inclined and could really use some 
help.  I'd like to find something that I could simply plug the two wires 
from the endcaps into to make replacement as simple as possible.  The plugs 
on the wires have a rather odd configuration with 3 pins in diagonal and one 
rectangular pin.  The bulbs on the fixtures are 4 pins in a square.  Hope 
this is enough information and if anyone could provide some leads or has 
ever replaced a ballast on a CS Life fixture I'd really appreciate any 
assistance you might be able to provide........thanks and kindest 


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