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Re: [APD] Dosing Ferts - Help Needed.

Thomas Barr wrote:
> M-
> CO2, CO2 and CO2.
> You can follow the example I have on my web site for the 20 gal
> tank dosing.

Printed out that article, I will spend some time with it this weekend.
> Just scale up.
> You do not have Gas tank CO2 but have a 175 MH light?
> That is the tail wagging the dog.

Heh. I suppose it is!

> Cheap light= good CO2===> much wiser.
> Get rid of the MH, or upgrade the CO2.

Looking into it now. I can get a 20lb tank for $150 (CAD). Refills are 
$32 (CAD). Not too bad. Now all I need is the fiddly bits: regulator, 
needle valve, bubble counter...
> You will need to do some CO2 work/testing, a pH pen/monitor will
> do well for this and is easy to address once you know what the
> KH is of the tank(this does not need to be tested much, weekly
> is fine)

-sigh- Okaaay. I'll test it.

> The other alternative: less light, like 2-3w/gal.
> You simply do not need the high light.

The light is probably not quite as high as it would be with most 175w MH 
setups. The lamp I am using came off a navy ship. The refelctor was 
designed for a bigger bulb and hasn't got exactly a mirror finish. So I 
am probably losing more light to heat than other MH users. But it's got 
character! And it is a huge improvement over the old 2x32w fluorescent 
canopy I had. It needed a massage every morning before the tubes would 

> I'm not sure why you complicated the dosing routine so much, 

Because I'm not too bright, probably!

Thanks Tom.
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