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Re: [APD] Help fighting Hair Algae

Hi! Nick,

I am not adding micros with Iron as that would increase the Algae issue all
the more. And yes I do try to remove as much Hair Algae as I can remove
manually during weekly w/c.Potassium level I don't know for sure but then I
am adding it with the help of KNO3. Regarding Phosphate level, its about 0.5PPM.



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Subject: Re: [APD] Help fighting Hair Algae
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> Hi! All,
> My fight with Hair Alage still continues. Still the hair
> algae is flourishing at full glory. In fact this is creating
> problems for the growth of my plants. Am completely at loss
> as to what more should I do to stop this growth. From your
> experience, can anyone tell me as to how much time does it
> generally take to root out the Hair Algae issue. Currently I
> am doing 50% weekly w/c, dosing nitrate so as to maintain a
> level between 5 ppm to 10 ppm, pressurised CO2 is also being
> injected so as to maintain 50 PPM level, addition of micro
> nutrients without Iron on a weekly basis, lights @ 108 watts
> of PLL (2 nos. 6500K & 1 no. 4000K) @ 12 hrs per day,
> Phosphate level is about 0.5 ppm. Tempretaure of the tank is
> about 25 degree C. I have two medium size Orandas in my tank
> who are feed on commercial pellets once a day (not too much feeding).
> What else can I do to win my battle against the Hair Algae?

Are you manually removing the infected leaves?  During your water
changes, pull out as much of the algae as you can.  Also, why are you
not adding iron?  You specifically mentioned your micro'w without iron.
Plus, how are your K+ and PO4 levels?

I've always found hair algae to be stubborn until your tank achieves a
sort of balance.  Then it will go away fairly quickly.

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