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Re: [APD] Shells and Hydrogen Sulphide

On 2/1/06, Stuart Halliday <stuart at stuarthalliday_com> wrote:
> I believe Liz Wilhite wrote this email section below:
> > I might
> > mention that I have a lot of escargot shells in that tank for brevis,
> and I
> > have had H2S issues with unoccupied shells.  Every so often I pull them
> out,
> > empty them and put them back.  I'd never heard of that until it happened
> to
> > me. Killed some F0 cichlids that weren't cheap.
> Are you saying that Detritus will collect in the shells and therefore grow
> nasty bacteria that gives off Hydrogen Sulphide. If a small fish enters
> the
> shell they may die?

Not exactly. I am saying that sand and detritus entered the shells and when
disturbed by me the shells burped out H2S.  I doubt I would have had a
problem if there had been gravel rather than sand for substrate.
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