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[APD] Shells and Hydrogen Sulphide

I believe Liz Wilhite wrote this email section below:

> I might
> mention that I have a lot of escargot shells in that tank for brevis, and I
> have had H2S issues with unoccupied shells.  Every so often I pull them out,
> empty them and put them back.  I'd never heard of that until it happened to
> me. Killed some F0 cichlids that weren't cheap.

Oh dear.
I've just recently added a number of shells into my tank to raise the 
hardness of my water over time.

Are you saying that Detritus will collect in the shells and therefore grow 
nasty bacteria that gives off Hydrogen Sulphide. If a small fish enters the 
shell they may die?

That's news to me.

Maybe I should drill some holes in the shells to allow any generated gases 
to escape?

Stuart Halliday
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