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Re: [APD] Aquarium plants Reference book

On 10/1/2005 3:14, "James Purchase" <jppurchase at sympatico_ca> wrote:

> There are aquatic plants she doesn't list, but that is
> because they aren't suitable for use in an aquarium.

Hello James,
I think there are plenty of plants out there in the real world that will be
suitable for the aquarium still to be found.    One of the pleasures in my
life is travelling to remote areas and bringing back cuttings and seed to
try as aquarium subjects.

Rotala occultiflora will be a good aquarium plant
Aponogeton vanbruggenii is an excellent aquarium plant
Aponogeton euryspermus is an excellent aquarium plant
Butomopsis latifolia is still under test
Limnophila brownii is an excellent aquarium plant
Limnophila chinensis is a beautiful plant but too difficult for me to grow
Maidenia rubra is an excellent aquarium plant

There are more under test.   Some prove very difficult to grow but the
difficulties are a lot less since the use of strong light, CO2 and nutrient
manipulation techniques mostly explored at length here and in the Aquatic
Gardeners Journal.

These plants don't appear in Kasselmann's book.   I initially had
Vallisneria nana and Vallisneria caulescens listed but thought I should
check in the book and found them listed.   The plants are from the top of
Australia and I would love to send you some but it is very difficult with
our laws because most good aquarium plants are thought to be potential
invasive species by the weed scientists.


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