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[APD] re: cat

There are a few things that keep cats away, people have mentioned a few. I've 
seen the scatmat and it probably works great, but be careful with the water and 
electricity.  There are also mats that work with just sound (and not 
electricity) but I'd think the mild shock would work better.  There is also a 
mat with little raised nodules that are uncomfortable at 
. This company also sells spray cat repellants you could use.  I've used one 
brand (I forget which) but it has to be reapplied.

Double sided tape works great.  Cats also hate walking on aluminum foil, so you 
could spread that where the cat likes to work.  Try using a squirt gun with 
water, but if that doesn't work, use vinegar and aim for his mouth (just not 
the eyes).  They HATE the taste.  I used it to keep one of our cats from 
playing with the fronds of a houseplant. mouse traps can work, but they learn 
to avoid them very skillfully.  I've seen at petstores a kit that comes with 
mousetraps that go in a little pouch so they don't hurt the cats, but we used 
mousetraps to keep cats off the stove and they never got hurt, but they learned 
to avoid them.

Also, if your cat is on the aquarium because he likes the warm lights or the 
bubbly water, you could get him a window seat or one of those cat water dishes 
that look like an aquarium filter attached to a cat dish, but if it were me, 
I'm too cheap to get my cats such novalties.  Cats seem perfectly happy without 

I could swear that I read in a book somewhere that to keep cats from playing in 
the aquarium to purchase a small electric eel.  Maybe it was a dream, but I 
really think I saw it somewhere.  Not very practical though.

Anyways good luck,

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