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[APD] Aquarium plants Reference book

Ramon, Christel Kasselman's book 'Aquarium Plants' is by far the BEST book on aquarium plants available today. She has travelled extensively all over the world studying and collecting plants for many years and if it is available in the hobby, its in her book. The information is rock solid and can be relied upon. There are aquatic plants she doesn't list, but that is because they aren't suitable for use in an aquarium.

Each plant mentioned in the book is represented by a photograph (at least one, sometimes more than one), and she lists the plant family the species is from, gives details on the etymology of the name, the natural distribution of the plant and a full description of the plant and cultivation details in an aquarium.

The last section of the book discusses NEW aquarium plants which were not listed in the earlier, German editions.

More than just a lisitng of plants, Kasselmann's book discusses aquatic and marsh plants in Nature, ecological factors to consider when growing plants, flower morphology and biology, propagation of various aquarium plants, and the correct choice of aquarium plants.

It will be a brave (or foolish) person who tries to best this book.

If every member of the APD owned a copy, there would be far fewer "which plant is this?" questions.

James Purchase

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