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Re: [APD] Re: Lights

Well, you could throw shop lights over the plants and
they'll do fine -- I mean the ones that cost about $20 and
come with bulbs in them. The diff in bulb color is purely
for your personal aesthetic tastes. The plants won't give
fig one way or the other. The amount of light will make a
whopping diff and after that, all the other things, like
nutrients levels, maintenance, will have much more effect
than you can pin on color temp -- with the exception maybe
of the degree of redness of a few plants in some

It will be a great day when all the manufacturers, using
the same measurement techniques, rate things like spectral
output, maybe PAR output,  90%-probable minimum life. etc,
and print it on the package and in nice big letters. :-)

Scott H.
--- Ryan Ingram <r_w_ingram at yahoo_com> wrote:

> >>They will usually be listed in the 5000K, 6500K, 8,000K
> and 10,000K 
> range
> as opposed to the Home Depot assortment of "Kitchen",
> "Plant and 
> Aquarium",
> warm white and cool white bulbs.>>
> The Phillips and GE  tubes that I see at Home Depot show
> the Kelvin and 
> >on the package.  The print is kind of small, though.
> I seem to remember GE Chroma 50s (T-12s) were pretty good
> and reasonably cheap too. I used them on a plant tank I
> had about 4-5 years ago and bought them for $10-12 at
> Orchard Supply (local hardware/garden store here in
> Sacramento, CA area). I had pretty good success with them
> as well....and the kribs had no problems with 'em either
> - as their frequent spawning suggested :)
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