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[APD] Re: Lights

>>They will usually be listed in the 5000K, 6500K, 8,000K and 10,000K 
as opposed to the Home Depot assortment of "Kitchen", "Plant and 
warm white and cool white bulbs.>>

The Phillips and GE  tubes that I see at Home Depot show the Kelvin and 
>on the package.  The print is kind of small, though.

I seem to remember GE Chroma 50s (T-12s) were pretty good and reasonably cheap too. I used them on a plant tank I had about 4-5 years ago and bought them for $10-12 at Orchard Supply (local hardware/garden store here in Sacramento, CA area). I had pretty good success with them as well....and the kribs had no problems with 'em either - as their frequent spawning suggested :)

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