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Re: [APD] Re: Barr method and Iron

I think it's hard to accurately test for iron except with
very expensive kits. It is rarely an essential step in the
routine. It could be a problem if there is something (I
know not what) in your water that binds the iron so well,
that the plants can't get enough.

If you suspect iron deficiency due to the very pale to
yellow appearance and weak performance of your fast growing
plants plants, then try adding some iron and not changing
anything else and see if it does anything more or anything
else for you than increase algae on the glass. If so, then
keep adding iron routinely -- probably just a little each
day -- or else consider upping the Flourish dose a little.

Scott H.
--- Billionzz at aol_com wrote:

> Thanks for all of the help with this question, but what I
>  was trying to find 
> out is if I can get by without having to measure the Fe 
> level. I have a test 
> kit but I would prefer not to measure it and run it  the
> Barr way :)
> >From what I have read so far I am assuming just to add
> the  Flourish and 
> don't worry about the Fe since it has .32% in it.
> Any other comments or suggestions would be  appreciated.

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