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Re: [APD] need a recommendation for Compact Florescent Bulbs

If the bulbs have the same pin configuration, you can
pretty much treat 65w and 55w as interchangeable. The diffs
are slight. Bigger diffs exist between the square vs
straight pin bulbs -- slightly diff running voltage and
starting requirements but some electronic ballasts can
handle those diffs without problems -- but not all.

I would stick with the same pin arrangement and disregard
the 65w vs 55w diffs.

I've bought lots of bulbs from AHSupply.com and a few from
Hellolights.com and never been disappointed. I just choose
the color temp that I like to see -- I'm partial to the
higher color temps, but it's a matter of personal taste.

I've tried bargain bulbs and been disappointed almost every

One other thing you might consider. YOu might try changing
out half your bulbs now and half in another few months.
Fluorescents are brightest when new; they rapidly lose
brightness in the first few hundred hours. The longer they
burn, the slower the rate at which the brightness declines.
It is very steady after a few months. But when you first
put on new ones, it can be stark increase for you tank. You
can moderate this by changing only some of the bulbs at one

Good luck, good fun,
Scott H.

--- RMGTBTS at aol_com wrote:

> After almost 30 months i had a CF bulb burn out on one of
> my Oceanic  units.
> The old bulbs were Coralife 55watt 10,000K and came with
> units when i  
> purchased them
> Since they probably aren't going to get any per and since
> i bought them  
> pretty much at the same time, i plan on replacing all the
> bulbs and keeping the  
> old ones for emergency backups. ( sorry TB i am not
> sending them to you:)
> Anyone out there with some recommendations as to brands
> types source to  
> purchase ect would be appreciated. 
> Also, in checking out a catalog from a lighting co i
> noticed that they had  
> bulbs that were 65 watt. would those run in my lights?
> Three are 120 volt 55  
> watt 60hz and one is a twin 120volt 110watt 60hz. 
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