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[APD] need a recommendation for Compact Florescent Bulbs

After almost 30 months i had a CF bulb burn out on one of my Oceanic  units.
The old bulbs were Coralife 55watt 10,000K and came with units when i  
purchased them
Since they probably aren't going to get any per and since i bought them  
pretty much at the same time, i plan on replacing all the bulbs and keeping the  
old ones for emergency backups. ( sorry TB i am not sending them to you:)
Anyone out there with some recommendations as to brands types source to  
purchase ect would be appreciated. 
Also, in checking out a catalog from a lighting co i noticed that they had  
bulbs that were 65 watt. would those run in my lights? Three are 120 volt 55  
watt 60hz and one is a twin 120volt 110watt 60hz. 
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