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Re: [APD] Re-Joining hobby & CO2-tank Question

--- Ryan Ingram <r_w_ingram at yahoo_com> wrote:


> . .Long story
> short, when I was growing plants, I bought a 10-lb CO2
> cannister and it worked great! I still have it, although
> its empty and I was wondering if they ever get too "old"?

In the USA, the tank needs to be tested every five years.
It's a special test that requires some set up but it
shouldn't cost much -- maybe a fourth of what a new tank
costs. The test determines how much the metal has fatigued
from expansion and contract by measuring how much it
expands when filled to a specific pressure.

> . . . so that's
> why they usually have you exchange your empty for a full
> one, 

Naw, they do that because it's more convenient for them to
collect a bunch of tanks and refill them all at once --
some places just truck them down to another outfit or
location and refill them.  Trading-in has nothing to do
with hydrotesting. Btw, the testing process only takes a
few minutes, but the setup and calibration can take half an
hour -- so for testing most shops will prefer that you
leave the tank.

> so on and so forth. Is this true? If so, I assume I
> can just go to the nearest beverage supply facility and
> ask to do this --- sorry, I have simply never done this
> before. 

Shop around a bit. Beverage supply will probably be
expensive. Welding supply shops are good to consider and
Fire Extinguisher Supply firms. Most that can refill
probalby won't do testing too so make a few phone calls and
find out -- someone local does it if you are in an urban

> I can't say how much better using this tank was
> than when I used the DIY CO2 method(or no CO2 at all).
> Plant growth was faster, plus I was able to regulate the
> bubble count a lot easier(with some semi-expensive
> equipment I bought online --- gauges, check valve and the
> whole set). The DIY was dirt cheap, 

Did yo price out the sugar vs CO2 over time?

> but a !
>  couple
>  times I had the problem of yeast getting into the tank,
> so I had "white stuff" everywhere --- What a mess!!
> Anyway, in preparation for re-joining the hobby, I
> borrowed a couple books from a friend at work who also
> used to be into the hobby. They are both very large
> picture books written by Dr. Amano(world reknown
> aquarist) Vol 1 & 3. Has anyone checked these out? They
> seem to be very helpful, not to mention the beautiful
> pictures!  

Beautiful to look at -- not much tech info -- all ADA
products that are readily availaable inthe US and mucho

Good luck, good fun,
Scott H.

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