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[APD] Filamentous algae

Hey everybody,
I am wondering if anyone can offer some advice regarding this algae, which I
think people call hair algae, too?  Anyway, it's green, and it forms long
filaments (d-uh) which look like individual strands in cotton batting, or
hair too, I suppose ;)  Quite elastic too.  Anyway, it was all through the
java moss, which was a bit overgrown anyway, so i've pulled most of it out
to at least take a good chunk out of the algae population.  It's among the
rest of the plants too, but not as densely.

I have an SAE, but of course they only eat as much as they feel like, which
is never enough.   I was using NPK ferts, and carefully monitoring levels,
but the stuff came not long after this, and I'm thinking it's not
coincidence.  Normally the levels are well within the low range.  I've done
water changes, culling (as much as is possible with this stuff), and I'm not
sure what to do.  I'm running Green-X and carbon now to try and control any
nutrients overload that I may not be aware of (if they aren't detectable, it
could always be that the algae is sucking it up).  Tom, I'm sure you'll tell
me that's the wrong way to approach it, but frankly I'm not sure what else
to do.

Any suggestions?  Should I go right to a black out?  How do I deal with
ferts so that algae doesn't take advantage and overun the tank in the

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