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Re: [APD] RE: Getting rid of Green Spot

>I had a lot of problems with a very tough green algae that grew on the
walls of my 49 gallon aquarium. I cleaned the glass
>thoroughly using plastic scrubber pads and a razor. The razor tends to
scratch the glass but it works the best. Then I covered the
>back and sides of the tank to prevent sunlight from getting in. That seems
to have cured the problem for now. 12 months without any
>further problem. Very high light (sunlight) seems to lead to the problem.
During winter months the sun can shine into my fish room
>at certain hours.

I had some green spot algae on my 75 under a windoe that gets 4 hrs light. I
scraped it all off
and beghan dosing with ferts. It has not come back. It still gets sunlight.
Sunlight does
not cause algae.


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