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Re: [APD] Re: siphon saga -- or - Missing connections

Quoting "S. Hieber" <shieber at yahoo_com>:

> I'd recommend using eposy to affix the valve to the u-tube.
> It's doesn't have any higher adhesion but it's stronger.
> As for a plexiglass fence at the top, why not just use a
> taller tank?

I think their idea is that by putting a plexiglass fence on a glass tank you 
can easily drill into it to put a drain on it (for those that don't want to 
drill into glass). Yes you could also just get a taller tank and set the siphon 
box lower, but that would require either utilizing less of your current tank or 
buying a larger one. If your going to buy another tank, you might as well just 
buy an acrylic one and put a drain tube through the bottom (ahh, what I would 
give for a nice BIG acrylic tank). Personally after thinking about their idea a 
bit, I think that if you are that worried about your tank overflowing, just 
spend $10 on a float switch and hook it up to your pump. If the skimmer box 
starts to fill up (you lost your siphon) have it switch your pump off. This way 
it saves your pump too. If you leave space in the tank to hold the water from 
the sump so it doesnt overflow if the siphon clogs, you will still burn up your 
pump if your siphon stops. It is also cheaper than buying plexi glass to make a 
fence out of. Just my opinion.

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