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Re: [APD] Sprinkler System auto-shut off valve?

Check out McmasterCarr.com or Snap-tite.com .  You're bound
to find a solendoid there to suit your purposes; high
voltage or low, high flow or low.

Scott H.
--- Christopher Ferrell <ferrell_chris at hotmail_com> wrote:
> Has anyone used an automatic sprinkler system shut off
> valve?  They have 
> different types at Lowe's/Home Depot that all are around
> $10-$15 and run off 
> of 24V.  Are these pretty good for using inside a house
> for an auto-top off 
> system?  (no leaking, etc)
> I was looking at these over some other, smaller solenoids
> mainly because the 
> are running on 24 V instead of 120V - something I'm not
> super-comfortable 
> with going through a little-bitty float switch with small
> lead wires inside 
> my sump.  (Electrocution isn't much fun)
> Outside of this suggestion, what other solenoids have
> people used?  Have 
> people used replacement parts for ice markers or
> dishwasher inflow valves or 
> just used the gas/liquid solenoids?

S. Hieber

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