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[APD] RE: SAE food

I bought a bag of frozen brocolli stems from the grocery store. All of my fish love the little end pieces (barbs, rams, saes, neons, etc.)... once they are "topped" my SAEs continue to graze on the stem pieces for a day or two until they are gone. My SAEs are about 4" long, but I have no rotalia for them to feast upon.

I also toss in cucumbers, spinach, lettuce (non-iceberg) and other green stuff I end up with from the grocery store. I usually blanch everything w/ boiling water for 15-60 seconds, depending on what it is. Lettuce and spinach for less time, "thicker" green stuff for longer.

I actually haven't blanched the frozen brocolli, I just toss it in straight from the freezer bag, and they eat that up without any issues.


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