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Re: [APD] RE: SAE food

Thanks everyone! I am heading out to the store today to pick up a few
things. Hopefully I will find something he loves!

Thanks again,

Kevin Simms

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> I bought a bag of frozen brocolli stems from the grocery store.  All of my
> fish love the little end pieces (barbs, rams, saes, neons, etc.)... once
> they are "topped" my SAEs continue to graze on the stem pieces for a day
> two until they are gone.  My SAEs are about 4" long, but I have no rotalia
> for them to feast upon.
> I also toss in cucumbers, spinach, lettuce (non-iceberg) and other green
> stuff I end up with from the grocery store.  I usually blanch everything
> boiling water for 15-60 seconds, depending on what it is.  Lettuce and
> spinach for less time, "thicker" green stuff for longer.
> I actually haven't blanched the frozen brocolli, I just toss it in
> from the freezer bag, and they eat that up without any issues.
> Chris
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