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Re: [APD] Re: siphon saga -- or - Missing connections

> > where you
> > connect a bleed
> > line to the top of the U siphon and run this into the
> > venturi of a power
> > head. Thinking about possible failure modes, if the bleed
> > line were to
> > become disconnected, the siphon would be lost. 

The idea here is to attach a check valve onto the U tube and run the bleed line 
off of that. So if the bleed line got disconnected, the siphon would still 
hold. Only if the check valve attached to the U tube (probably with silicone) 
came undone would it lose the siphon. If you do a good job attaching it with 
silicone it is unlikely this would happen.

The idea of a plexi glass fence around the top of the tank to prevent overflow 
isn't a half bad idea. If you did a good job sealing it, you could fit it with 
a bulkhead and use it as your primary drain. If you aren't so confident with 
your sealing job and just want to use it as a backup to prevent overflow, it is 
possible (depending on your tank dimensions) to not even have a drain from the 
fence. For my tank, if I just made the fence a couple inches tall it would be 
possible for that extra height to hold all the water in my sump. I think it 
would be better to have a drain fit to it that runs back to the sump because 
then your filter can continue to run and won't burn up your pump. Depending on 
how I can fit this under a hood, I might consider doing that.
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